“Pooper Scooper Pros” is a dog poop pick-up / cleaning service for home yards and commercial properties. Signing up for a package means that a Pooper Scooper Professional will come to your home yard and or commercial property on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis to “scoop” the poop and dispose of it. Depending on your level of needs we have several levels of packages (posted below). We also offer a One Time Clean-Up Option (Perfect for spring cleans or upcoming events in your yard)! Pooper Scooper Pros proudly serves Buffalo NY and the surrounding regions of the 716.

Mike Lechliter is the Owner of Pooper Scooper Pros. Mike is a proud resident of Buffalo and a local graduate from The University at Buffalo with a Degree in Business. Mike loves his dog bear (who is actually the company mascot) and understands the poop scoop needs of fellow dog owners.

“Buffalo is a great city, with even greater people. I am happy to be here and to be involved with such a positive community.”

Phone: 716-391-0082 (Call or Text)

Email: Pooperscooperpros716@gmail.com

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One Time Clean

Get a clean, doodie-free yard just in time for your backyard barbecue, pool party, graduation party, birthday party, or any other occasion. $65 up to one hour (plus tax) $10 for every 15 minutes after the first hour (plus tax)


Once a Week (most popular)

For best results, we recommend Once a Week Service. From $12.50/cleaning plus tax (add $2.50/cleaning plus tax for each additional dog)


Once Every other Week

Perfect for families with one or two small breed dogs. From $15/cleaning plus tax (add $5/cleaning plus tax for each additional dog)


Twice a Week

Twice a Week Service is ideal for families with one or more large breed dogs. From $11.25/cleaning plus tax (add $1.25/cleaning plus tax for each additional dog)


3x a Week (best value)

Coprophagia is a fancy term for a disgusting habit many dogs have…eating their stool. Dogs are most likely to eat waste that is one to two days old. Because of this, we are pleased to announce that we now offer scooping service 3x a week. This plan will help your dogs kick that nasty habit.From $10.85/cleaning plus tax (add $0.85/cleaning plus tax for each additional dog)